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Life Beyond #MeToo: Creating a Safer World for Our Mothers, Daughters, Sisters & Friends

Life Beyond #MeToo: Creating a Safer World for Our Mothers, Daughters, Sisters & Friends Author : Christine T Rose
Release : 2019-12-12
Publisher : Redemption Press
ISBN : 1683148150
File Size : 78.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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“The epidemic of violence against women must end. Life Beyond #MeToo casts a vision for freedom from violence and discrimination and gives tools for you to start taking action to change the world.” —Miriam Barnett, CEO, YWCA Pierce County “Working moms are bearing the high costs of gender discrimination. Life Beyond #MeToo helps us see how to get to the roots of the problem and start addressing it in this generation.” —Christine Michel Carter, The #1 Global Voice for Working Moms, Consultant and Speaker at Minority Woman Marketing LLC The well-researched Life Beyond #MeToo offers a vision of hope and an invitation to shift from the epidemic of sexual violence to a safer, vibrant future. Christine Rose takes a coach’s approach to help people address the truth with honesty and grace. Whether or not you have experienced sexual discrimination and violence or know a loved one who has, this book shares powerful tools to address this topic with conversation, forgiveness, and resilience so you can move toward healing and restoration. From personal stories and reflective questions to an overview of family structure, societal views, and the national and global marketplace, readers are invited to explore opportunities for personal, organizational, and societal change. With deeper awareness comes action, accountability, and support within our homes, churches, and workplaces to create a “New Normal”—beyond #MeToo.

Life Beyond Earth

Life Beyond Earth Author : Gerald Feinberg
Release : 1980
Publisher : William Morrow
File Size : 22.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Life Beyond Earth

Life Beyond Earth Author : Timothy Ferris
Release : 2000
Publisher : Simon and Schuster
ISBN : 0684849372
File Size : 79.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 632
Read : 643

A pictorial celebration of the search for life on other worlds is based on a PBS documentary and includes more than two hundred illustrations, including such images as Hubble Space Telescope photography and pulp science fiction cover art, complemented with observations by noted scientists. By the author of Galaxies. 35,000 first printing.

Finding Life Beyond Trauma

Finding Life Beyond Trauma Author : Victoria M. Follette
Release : 2007
Publisher : New Harbinger Publications
ISBN : 1572244976
File Size : 71.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 761
Read : 883

The principles of the revolutionary new acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) help readers cope with the aftereffects of traumatic experience through the straightforward exercises in Finding Life Beyond Trauma.

The Life Beyond

The Life Beyond Author : Mrs. Alfred Gatty
Release : 1892
Publisher :
File Size : 51.28 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Life Beyond Spending

Life Beyond Spending Author : Ernesto Caravantes
Release : 2013-09-20
Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN : 0761862056
File Size : 29.9 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Caravantes explores how people can trade one paradigm of conspicuous consumption for another of frugality and simplicity. With over one hundred easy-to-do fun ideas and entertaining activities that are free or very low in cost, the reader is shown the possibility of a life beyond spending.

Life Beyond Belief

Life Beyond Belief Author : Alice Gardner
Release : 2008
Publisher : Awake Publishing
ISBN : 0979243505
File Size : 57.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Learn how everyday life can be your most vital spiritual practice, no matter what your religion or tradition. This book crosses all of the spiritual and religious boundaries through the commonality of our everyday experience. It is a deeply personal book giving a down-to-earth account of the experience of spiritual awakening and the process of bringing awakening into each moment.

Life Beyond Death

Life Beyond Death Author : Reverend Dr. Charles B. Broadway Ph.D
Release : 2013-01-18
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 1479777234
File Size : 24.78 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Do we have reasonable and rational hope of life after the event I call death? Knowledge is powerful. This book is powerful because it presents knowledge, information, insights, discoveries, experiences, and rational, compelling evidence of life and consciousness after the event I call death. Life Beyond Death, if read, digested, and experienced with an open mind, will greatly help you to understand and, most likely, not be afraid of death anymore as you attain a position and level of consciousness with insights and truths that humans have searched for down through the ages and the search by numerous civilizations for this information and insights. The book addresses, responds, and answers the following questions, among many others. 1) What is a near-death experience? 2) What happens at our death? 3) What are God (Yahweh, Elohim) and Jesus Christ like? 4) How big is God according to Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible? 5) Are animals/pets in heaven? 6) Are our physically deceased loved ones in heaven? 7) What is the relationship between life, soul, spirit, breath, essence, and consciousness, and what do they tell us about death? 8) What are the rational proof and compelling anecdotal evidence to support life beyond death? There is life after death. I know by experience and a lot of research. This book will bring you closer to Godour Father, Creator, and Supreme Level of Consciousness. If you have questions or concerns about death and the afterlife, this book is a must-read. Faith and reason (thinking) go together as they are connected. This book will reduce your fear of death and make you a happier and more fulfilled person.

Life Beyond Survival

Life Beyond Survival Author : Katharina Thurnheer
Release : 2014-06-30
Publisher : transcript Verlag
ISBN : 3839426014
File Size : 64.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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At the heart of this in-depth ethnographic study lie the daily life situations of tsunami survivors in war-torn, eastern Sri Lanka. Each chapter is built around the empirical themes derived from the stories and recollections of Tamil women and their families during their stay in relief camps, anticipating relocation. The specifics of the socio-cultural context are firmly embedded in the discussions. Ten years after the tsunami, this publication offers a timely contribution to a better understanding of what it means to cope with the combined effects of disaster, war, and international aid in this matri-focal region of the island.

Life beyond Earth

Life beyond Earth Author : Athena Coustenis
Release : 2013-09-12
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
ISBN : 1107654424
File Size : 75.23 MB
Format : PDF
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What is life and where can it exist? What searches are being made to identify conditions for life on other worlds? If extraterrestrial inhabited worlds are found, how can we explore them? In this book, two leading astrophysicists provide an engaging account of where we stand in our quest for habitable environments, in the Solar System and beyond. Starting from basic concepts, the narrative builds scientifically, including more in-depth material as boxed additions to the main text. The authors recount fascinating recent discoveries from space missions and observations using ground-based telescopes, of possible life-related artefacts in Martian meteorites, extrasolar planets, and subsurface oceans on Europa, Titan and Enceladus. They also provide a forward look to future missions. This is an exciting, informative read for anyone interested in the search for habitable and inhabited planets, and an excellent primer for students in astrobiology, habitability, planetary science and astronomy.

Life Beyond Sight

Life Beyond Sight Author : Ornella Umubyeyi
Release : 2010-06-17
Publisher : iUniverse
ISBN : 1450229964
File Size : 24.21 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Life beyond Sight is a book that gives you an overall look and a better understanding of God through the eyes of a 20years old. In this book, you will be able to see that God works through anybody no matter the race, location and background. This book will help you grow from your emotional pain and your past that has kept hold you no matter your age. God is bringing a new christian revolution and that revolution will be found in this book.

Beyond Life! Beyond Death!

Beyond Life! Beyond Death! Author : Dr. J.S. Anand
Release : 2014-03-11
Publisher : Partridge Publishing
ISBN : 1482818493
File Size : 64.97 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Beyond Life! Beyond Death! is a post colonial statement on the life of the post modern man, who has suffered emotional, psychological, and spiritual erosion, as a result of which he has lost his mental balance, and his physical shape too. He is a distorted figure now, beyond recognition, and in search of his redemption as a human being, which is eluding him, because, religion has failed to come to his rescue, no prophet can salvage him now, that he has slipped down the 'wasteland' into the 'wretchedland'. In this dark atmsophere, spiritual regeneration alone can help him out of this morass, for which, man will have to look beyond religion, into the possibilities of living in spirituality, which is a bypass and connects man directly with the divine, using love is the binding force, rather than fear on which religious establishment is built.

Life Beyond Cancer

Life Beyond Cancer Author : Barbara Ferguson
Release : 2009-12-21
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 1462808832
File Size : 78.32 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Barbara Ferguson has three loves—first is her love for God who has been her constant companion since she accepted Christ while in college. He led her in many adventures as a pastor’s wife and then single mom. Second is a love of people. She has ministered to unemployed teens and adults, struggling single moms, people in trouble with the law, and close family members. Third is a love to create—be it writing, scrap booking, cake decorating, or making unique costumes. All Barbara’s loves come together as she writes about how she dealt with her husband’s illness and death.

Life Beyond Death

Life Beyond Death Author : Anil Sharma
Release : 2014-09-18
Publisher : Partridge Publishing
ISBN : 1482837064
File Size : 32.53 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The author Sri Anil Sharma was born in Ambala, India. He graduated as an electrical engineer in 1980, after which he travelled for a period of three years throughout the Indian subcontinent, in search of the truth. Since 1993 over a period of seven years he read more than nine hundred books written and referred to by great spiritual masters, attained various siddhis, toured many countries around the world and gave lectures. This book is the outcome of his spiritual experiences and guidance received from sages and spiritual masters during deep states of meditation. However, inspite of experiencing the rising of cosmic currents in his body, having attained a heightened awareness of reality, and achieving many tasks in spirituality, like writing books and genuinely helping many aspirants in the path of spirituality, his own quest of knowing and gaining personal experience of self realisation remained unfulfilled. In the year 2000 he came across the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, in whom he found all the answers to his spiritual quest and took him as his Sat guru. The author currently resides in Australia, works in his profession and also runs a small centre in Sydney called Sage Sri Ramana Maharshi Centre of Learning Sydney

Life Beyond Physical Death

Life Beyond Physical Death Author : AWGP
Release :
Publisher : AWGP
File Size : 58.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Life Beyond 100

Life Beyond 100 Author : C. Norman Shealy
Release : 2006-12-28
Publisher : Penguin
ISBN : 9781440649899
File Size : 70.91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 455
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Using today's most leading-edge therapies and breakthroughs in the science of longevity, C. Norman Shealy, one of the pioneering holistic physicians of our time, shows how we can healthfully age to one hundred, and beyond. The idea of living well beyond one hundred years-and enjoying those years in good health-used to be the stuff of science fiction. No longer. C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., whom Caroline Myss calls a "wizard-genius-scientist-mystic-physician," offers Life Beyond 100: Secrets of the Fountain of Youth. In this deeply learned and revolutionary book, Dr. Shealy provides a new concept of longevity, one that reveals that we can live far longer than current science suggests. Basic healthy living and the use of alternative therapies have long been touted as "the way" to well-being, but Dr. Shealy takes these tenets a step further. From the physiology of stress and its effect on the human mind and body to the importance of DHEA; from the proven techniques of photostimulation and biofeedback training to groundbreaking suggestions for alleviating depression; from Shealy's electromagnetic framework of life to his recommendations for optimal health, Life Beyond 100 presents a detailed roadmap to achieve healthy aging-or "youthing." The result of years of clinical practice and cutting-edge research, Life Beyond 100 also exposes the fallacies behind many of the claims made by the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry. Shealy argues that rather than increasing people's life expectancy, these two groups create the opposite effect, consigning hundreds of thousands of people to an often miserable and premature old age by treating symptoms with an antidote-prescription medicine-that is often worse than the ailment itself. As a counterpoint, Life Beyond 100 provides the most ambitious- yet medically grounded and commonsensical-longevity program available. Easy to follow and supported by advanced research, Dr. Shealy's guide to uncovering the secrets of youthful aging redefines the concept of human longevity and offers a new vision of healthy living to one hundred and beyond.

Life Beyond Boundaries

Life Beyond Boundaries Author : Kevin Pedraza
Release : 2013-03-28
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 1483610470
File Size : 25.75 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 512
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Have you ever felt discouraged? Nearly to the point where you feel like giving up? If so, do not worry, for hope is finally here. Life Beyond Boundaries is the book for you. It will inspire and challenge you to see the world in a different way. Each writing, was made to take you from your comfort zone and let you break free. Free beyond any boundaries.

Life Beyond Downsizing

Life Beyond Downsizing Author : Janice M. Spangenburg
Release : 2007-01-23
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
ISBN : 1425746594
File Size : 73.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 117
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Witnessing first hand how the federal government works from an active stint in the Navy and continuing it with federal service gave me the ability to see what was awry in each organization. At the 12 year mark, I saw so much that made me ponder what could be done differently in organizations. When I was an intern and went through downsizing it gave me a deep appreciation for how the people were treated and how management was at the forefront of decision making and outcomes for the people. That led me to one of the most important works of my life to look at downsizing and how it was handled in federal organizations. When I started to research this organizational ailment I realized that even the Comptroller General, David Walker felt that there was a human capital crisis in the government. He said that it threatened national security (Walker, 2001; Voinovich, 2001). Unfortunately, the government and many other employers have all too often treated their employees as a cost to be cut rather than an asset to be valued (Walker, 2001). A U. S. General Accounting Office (GAO) (2000) study reported that many of the human capital problems that the Department of Defense (DOD) deals with today are the result of its approach to downsizing in the early 1990s (GAO). This outcome results in layoff survivors who possess an emotive outcome inherent with being a survivor, incurring layoff survivor sickness and being among the organization's walking wounded. As organizations change, downsizing will continue and management and leadership will play a crucial role in the future of downsizing and its impact on the relationships and behaviors of employees (leader and member) (O'Neill & Lenn, 1995). The federalgovernment calls it a buzz word like "transformation" or "rightsizing" and management thinks that they have done something right. I often wondered how these managers could cut the organization support ranks to the bone and have no regard for how the private sector dealt with the outcome of these decisions that were not always the best. My passion for the way the government managed was sparked by a meeting and presentation by Dr. Paul Light, who informed me well about what the government was doing. After that, I was attending courses at the Defense Acquisition University at Ft Belvoir, I spent many hours in the library and did some research on this subject. One day I found an article that dealt with Leader Member Exchange (LMX), Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) and Organizational Commitment (OC) written by an Air Force Major, Yolanda Truckenbrodt. This book extends the study by Dr. Yolanda Truckenbrodt (2000) who provided an implication on her empirical examination of the quality of the relationship of the leader-member exchange, organizational citizenship behavior, and organizational commitment constructs that a replication should be done on civilian federal workers. The study that I did extends further to include the population of federal survivors in a downsized organization. The ultimate goal was to examine the implications of downsizing by the federal government within a theoretical framework that focuses on civilians in the largest aspect of the federal workforce, the DOD who represent resilience and continuity. The Problem with Downsizing Allen, Freeman, Russell, Reizenstein, and Rentz (2001) studied 106 managers who experienced downsizing and provided data regardingorganizational commitment, turnover intentions, job involvement, role clarity, role overload, satisfaction with top management, and satisfaction with job security at three different times. Although the results generally indicated that downsizing had a significant impact on work attitudes that the impact varied over time, and the initial impact was generally negative, also indicated that changes related to satisfaction with top management and job security were significantly related to changes in organizational commitment. In the federal government, the managem

Life Beyond Death: What Should We Expect?

Life Beyond Death: What Should We Expect? Author : David Fontana
Release : 2012-01-02
Publisher : Duncan Baird Publishers
ISBN : 1780284667
File Size : 85.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 377
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David Fontana examines all the evidential material that has been accumulated about the afterlife. He looks at communications through mediums and witness accounts such as Near Death and Out of Body Experiences (NDEs and OBEs ) and compares them with the descriptions given in such mystical texts as The Tibetan Book of the Dead and The Egyptian Book of the Dead. He explores the whole area of human consciousness and considers the question: if the body and the brain perish at death, what remains to survive? The non-physical nature of mind - the theory of 'subtle' bodies - astral, mental and emotional - could it be that there is a survival of memory, emotions and personality characteristics? He looks at the various descriptions of 'Paradise' - how it is portrayed in Western and Eastern traditions. And inevitably this leads to the contemplation of the meaning of existence - and what is meant by the union with the Divine. Do we create our own reality? What about the existence of infinite possibilities.

Life Beyond Confusion and Fear

Life Beyond Confusion and Fear Author : Cathryn Taylor
Release : 2005-08-01
Publisher : iUniverse
ISBN : 0595364748
File Size : 44.58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 187
Read : 1273

WANT TO LIVE LIFE BEYOND YOUR CONFUSION AND FEAR? Taylor suggests we are a society in mourning with few adult tools to grieve.'The continual threat of terrorism and war coupled with current stresses of daily life leave us afraid and confused-triggering childhood wounds and adult doubts about our ability to cope. Many of us express this unresolved confusion, fear, grief and tension through compulsive and addictive behaviors. We may eat too much, drink, drug or smoke too much, love, shop, work, gamble or worry too much. But we begin to live out of fear rather than faith-compulsion rather than choice-isolation rather than unity as we long to anchor our safety into something predictable and secure" 'Our stress," Taylor states, 'if not resolved, gets expressed through mal-adaptive methods of coping which ultimately reveal themselves in physical ailments or injuries, psychological unrest, spiritual isolation or addictive and compulsive behaviors." Taylor's Six-Cycle Model offers a viable and creative way out. She takes addiction beyond the ordinary realm of twelve step meetings and abstinence-suggesting our addictive behaviors are actually gifts from our Soul. She invites readers to embrace what lies underneath their confusion and their fear as she guides them through a process which transforms abandonment to union; anger to empowerment; shame to compassion; loneliness to sacred solitude; betrayal to gratitude and fear to faith.